1: Making Honor Great Again

Thanks for checking out our first episode! This one is a pretty personal topic, so a few times I come off a bit disconnected. Listen through and give us your feedback, questions, and suggestions.  Thanks for being here. Much love! xox

Synopsis: It’s our first episode, featuring guest Andy Wilson of Big Shiny Robot and the Bored as Hell Podcast, where Brooke is also a co-host. We talk about feminism, why we’re feminists, the wage gap, rape and sexual assault at BYU and the BYU Honor Code, dick pics, the Fruitcake Lady, believing rape allegations rather than being skeptical, male privilege, and lots more.

Feminism. Why Brooke comes at things as a feminist. Why Andy is a feminist.

i hope you like feminist rants because thats kinda my thing

The wage gap. Why is this still a thing in 2016? TV anchor mansplaining. Utah culture.  Brooke’s living situation.
Clip from the Hannity show:

The BYU Honor Code. How it prevents rape prosecution. Rape Hill. Male privilege and the Honor Code and how it prevents victims from coming forward. Here is the BYU News Clip.

still you should expect a call from honor code enforcement

***Follow up to the BYU story, the student in question has filed a federal complaint againt BYU. Here is the story.***

Rape prosecution. Clip from the Samantha Bee show:

Sexualization of our bodies and Free the Nipple. Brooke’s sexy butt. Brooke isn’t going to grab Ryan Reynolds’ dick.

Unpacking sex from rape. When you’re allowed to withdraw consent. Kobe Bryant and rape.  BYU student athletes and the double standard.

The fruitcake lady.  How was Hee Haw ever a thing?

Dic picks art exhibit. Unsolicited dick pics don’t make any sense to Old Man Andy. Flashers at Walmart. If penises were everywhere, we wouldn’t have this problem.

The Us has 69% more rape than France, who has one of the most liberal nudity allowances on TV. 

The face of rape survivors. reunion reunion2

Privilege and the responsibility to shut up and listen.

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