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05 – Don’t Be an A-Hole

Welcome to Episode 5! Don’t Be an Asshole!

Joining me today are Missy and Brooks Bird as we discuss conflict resolution.  Missy is a retired Movie Critic, currently works in Internal Communications and still does Theater reviews.  Brooks is still currently a movie, thus being how they met.


We all saw the new Alice through the looking Glass movie and discuss it a bit at the beginning. For his full review, check him out on at and you can find my full review on it at

Next we talk about Captain America Civil War, Why be Assholes for a Moral Stand? Are they just acting like stubborn Children?

Check out the John Gottman Institute and the book, “And Baby Makes 3” for excellent suggestions on hearing the other side.
Practice listing to the other side and being able to repeat back what they are saying before you continue. Even if you are right, if you fail to stop and listen then you are cannot stay right by default.

Pick you battles. Be careful at work and learn how to manage conflict at work.
There is a difference between comic egging on and fun and that of serious fighting over fictional Media.

Are our favorite movies really good, or are we biased? Is it worth arguing over? Such as Empire Records and Crime Wave.

Be open to the other side of the argument. Not everyone has to share your opinion to get along or even date and be family.  Losing Friendships or relationships with family are not worth it, especially over media and politics.

You can say something and talk about it all you want, if you don’t act on it it means nothing.  There is so much theology versus the real Practice of things.


Living in anger is like a Choose your own adventure in your marriage.  Who knows if you’ll end up in the same place? Is it worth it?

Business Resolution Vrs Personal Resolution. We are with our coworkers as much as we are with our family in waking hours, so try to treat them that way and with respect.  Learn how to keep and use health boundaries and learn from our mistakes.

Listen to our take and resolution for Captain America: Civil War. #TeamCapMan

Our kids and those closes to us can try our patience and abilities in different ways than anyone else.

The internet makes things weird for gatekeeping and bullying. We talk about our comic con panel on that subject.

The transgendered bathroom issue.

Media exposure of issues to cause emotional conflicts, such as the bathroom issue and Ebola in the past.

Let’s work to take the negativity out of the internet, and out of life.

Geek Show Fit- look it up and be a part of it! So much positive in the group. Leigh George Kade and Rachel Kade are doing amazing things there. Name drop a few of our friends in the group like Jim, Carrie, Rob, Adam, Steve, and Kat Martin.


Remember= Don’t be an Asshole.  Put things into perspective. And Try to be a positive force in the world.

04: Work It Girl

Here is the 4th Episode-Work it Girl!

This week I was joined by Andrea and Tyler Young.  Long time friends and fellow business people in Salt Lake City.  We discuss what does it mean to be a woman in the work place.

Start off the episode talking about the Jessica Jones Series and how hard she had to fight to be her own Woman and break the literal control of man over her will.  Interesting how even when she was free she didn’t know it.

Start off talking about women in Tech/STEM jobs.  Where have all the women gone? Growing trends on how to attract Women to this field.

Talkbout GoldiBlox

What is the Culture of being in the workplace? As a woman? In Utah? In the rest of the US?


Where do we learn the culture of accepting less?  What we will and won’t accept from our employers?

When there is a difference in number of employees, pay, or treatment of female co-workers, do men notice or see it?

Is there a real bias or discrimination, or are we seeing discrimination and bias because we’re so used to it being there?

I choose my job for my ability to work hard and enjoy the job, not because of one specific benefit.

Women and Men can say the same things, and be seen completely differently for it.  There are different expectation and allowances depending on your gender.  Pay, advancement and respect depend almost entirely on perception and presentation for women, but not at all on that for men.

Being a BITCH vrs THE MAN
Trump vrs Clinton
Man vrs Woman
Praise vrs Criticism
#TeamCap vrs #TeamIronMan

Self realization , improvement, and evolution is something that is expected of women, while men can and are almost expected to bulldoze forward with no regard to casualty.

Trump is a part of reality and not considered a joke. Taken seriously enough to be the Republican Presidential nominee. Not considered a joke because he is a man.
Palin on the other hand considered to be a joke by many because she is a woman. She has done less crazy things and had a valid political background.

Shrink down the political arena and apply it to modern day work environment.
Women are expected and required to watch how they talk, interact, dress, and groom themselves to try to control how they are received by co-workers.
Women have to “put on the bosspants” while men can wear whatever they want.
“Breasts?! How does anybody get anything done with these around?”- Grey’s Anatomy

Is there is a line or standard for how a woman dresses at work then there will be problems from it.

Usually, THe responsibility of appropriateness falls on the woman. Control and Consequence goes to the women and not to the men.
Women will be fired, while men get promoted for the same actions.

It’s TIME to change the culture of the work place.

Women are Choosing more and more that they want to work. Time to make the work place EQUAL for ALL.

WATCH How to Make an American Quilt

Define for yourself WHO you are and WHAT your future nad constraints will be.

3: Mangislating

episode 3

Apologies for the late podcast, and the poor sound quality this week.

Joined by Andy Wilson to speak about the ever changing face of feminism, geek culture, and laws that are being made by men continually that only affect women.

Harley Quinn, how she embodies feminism on a personal level and the feminism movement on a larger scale.

Working hard to change your future.

Continuing to work hard against the male setup for women.

Laws that have been passed by Men that we speak about:

Why are we still allowing men to have a choice in our health, values, and lives?

Plan B was first available. June 28th, 1999. Other forms of emergency contraceptive were available before then.

Temporary sterilization of all men?

The difference between strong men and bitchy women.

A “Blue” Utah:

Running for office and holding the Party Line.

Women need to remember that we are our own, we own our autonomy, and keep our privilege in check.


2: Nothing Compares 2 U

Welcome to the 2nd episode of the Not Entirely Perfect Podcast. In today’s episode we’re going to be talking about what makes us who we are through media and artists.
Find us at, on facebook at Not Entirely Perfect, and on twitter at NotEntirelyPerf

We have lost a lot of artists this year, and we will talk about why and how we self-associate through them.  The older we get the more influential the losses feel. Robin Williams, David Bowie, Prince.  The affects they have on us when they come into our lives and subsequently leave our lives as well. Adam McDonald joins us.  Film Reviewer,, Funny Books and Fire Water podcast.  They discuss comic books and the alcohol pairings to put with them.  Starting off the new podcast with the people who have been having me as their guest.

2016 has taken a lot of us. Robin Williams was the biggest hit for Adam and David Bowie was close to being as big of a hit for him.  How we found out during the Golden Globes. Surprising that he died since his album and music video had just come out and we had no idea. He pushed boundaries, sexual fluidity, icon, and good to be an outcast. Same with Michael Jackson, Prince, depth that wasn’t there before they came on the scene.
Artists help us figure out where we belong in the world, acceptance, and figure out our own self-identity.  A hurdle that we have to overcome as people.  These artists did that before they were in our lives and they were amazing people for it.

Why are people famous? Where do we put the value? Wendy from South Park questions what people do. My similar experience in Paris, the Eifel Tower.

Which artist and media is going to affect the next generation? The average person stops discovering music at 35. Are these current artists going to grow up into more than bubblegum pop? Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Brittany Spears, Menem, Mozart, Bach, Shakespeare.  Raising stars to be our role models and then attack them if they are weak. The Disney Kids.  They aren’t always people we should look up to.  As Americans we love building people up to tear them down, and then love them to rise again.  A sad commentary on our society. I wish we could get to a place where we want to rise up together instead of pushing each other down.  Miley Cyrus attacked for being sexual.  Shouldn’t be.  Alan Rickman. Such a big loss. Humor, Drama, his own humanity to each role.
We all remember what we were doing or where we were when these things happened in our life. They have a lasting effect.  For me A Wrinkle is Time was a huge influence on me. Enders Game for Adam.  What happens when our favorite books are done wrong? Separating our emotions from when media is produced in a different way from what our expectations are. Remember these icons and pieces and use the grieving as a way to foster new relationships.

When people die so young, and the suddenness of the passing, brings our own mortality into view. Enjoying each day for what it is. Live life with a sense of joy and wonder.  Laura Marling “Ghosts”.


Eventually, sooner or later, everything ends so enjoy what you can. Mr. Right Now verses Mr. Right.  My experience with good friends becoming more than Mr/Ms. Right now. Exploring our different points of view, why we are who we, and how we see things differently. Open up to those around you through art and artists. Finding Strength in who we are or who we aren’t. “Coming Out” and what it means for people. The Real O’Neals, associating with who we already know to accept new and different things.  Learn to be comfortable with who we all are.