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3: Mangislating

episode 3

Apologies for the late podcast, and the poor sound quality this week.

Joined by Andy Wilson to speak about the ever changing face of feminism, geek culture, and laws that are being made by men continually that only affect women.

Harley Quinn, how she embodies feminism on a personal level and the feminism movement on a larger scale.

Working hard to change your future.

Continuing to work hard against the male setup for women.

Laws that have been passed by Men that we speak about:






Why are we still allowing men to have a choice in our health, values, and lives?


Plan B was first available. June 28th, 1999. Other forms of emergency contraceptive were available before then.


Temporary sterilization of all men?

The difference between strong men and bitchy women.

A “Blue” Utah: http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/4/30/1521476/-The-Coming-Landslide-381-Electoral-Votes-and-Counting?detail=facebook

Running for office and holding the Party Line.

Women need to remember that we are our own, we own our autonomy, and keep our privilege in check.