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04: Work It Girl

Here is the 4th Episode-Work it Girl!

This week I was joined by Andrea and Tyler Young.  Long time friends and fellow business people in Salt Lake City.  We discuss what does it mean to be a woman in the work place.

Start off the episode talking about the Jessica Jones Series and how hard she had to fight to be her own Woman and break the literal control of man over her will.  Interesting how even when she was free she didn’t know it.

Start off talking about women in Tech/STEM jobs.  Where have all the women gone? Growing trends on how to attract Women to this field.

Talkbout GoldiBlox

What is the Culture of being in the workplace? As a woman? In Utah? In the rest of the US?


Where do we learn the culture of accepting less?  What we will and won’t accept from our employers?

When there is a difference in number of employees, pay, or treatment of female co-workers, do men notice or see it?

Is there a real bias or discrimination, or are we seeing discrimination and bias because we’re so used to it being there?

I choose my job for my ability to work hard and enjoy the job, not because of one specific benefit.

Women and Men can say the same things, and be seen completely differently for it.  There are different expectation and allowances depending on your gender.  Pay, advancement and respect depend almost entirely on perception and presentation for women, but not at all on that for men.

Being a BITCH vrs THE MAN
Trump vrs Clinton
Man vrs Woman
Praise vrs Criticism
#TeamCap vrs #TeamIronMan

Self realization , improvement, and evolution is something that is expected of women, while men can and are almost expected to bulldoze forward with no regard to casualty.

Trump is a part of reality and not considered a joke. Taken seriously enough to be the Republican Presidential nominee. Not considered a joke because he is a man.
Palin on the other hand considered to be a joke by many because she is a woman. She has done less crazy things and had a valid political background.

Shrink down the political arena and apply it to modern day work environment.
Women are expected and required to watch how they talk, interact, dress, and groom themselves to try to control how they are received by co-workers.
Women have to “put on the bosspants” while men can wear whatever they want.
“Breasts?! How does anybody get anything done with these around?”- Grey’s Anatomy

Is there is a line or standard for how a woman dresses at work then there will be problems from it.

Usually, THe responsibility of appropriateness falls on the woman. Control and Consequence goes to the women and not to the men.
Women will be fired, while men get promoted for the same actions.

It’s TIME to change the culture of the work place.

Women are Choosing more and more that they want to work. Time to make the work place EQUAL for ALL.

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Define for yourself WHO you are and WHAT your future nad constraints will be.